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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tornado of fire: Whirling vortex of flame tears through Hawaii brush

By Mail Foreign Service

Vortex: Swirling smoke and a column of fire tears through brush on Hawaii's Big Island

As if a normal twister wasn't bad enough, a terrifying combination of strong winds and brush fires have combined to create this tornado of fire.

This extremely rare phenomenon was captured on camera as the unstoppable fire whirl tore through brush along a main road on Hawaii's Big Island.

Swirls of thick black smoke can be seen spinning in a vortex as flames leap more than 20ft from the ground.

The brush fire destroyed around 1,400 acres of land and is still continuing to burn on parts of the island after the Department of Land and Natural Resources managed to contain 60 per cent of the wildfires.

No injuries have been reported by the blaze but firefighters were forced to retreat to a safe distance after the fire whirl was created.

Fire whirls, also known as fire devils or fire tornados, are caused when a fire acquires a vertical vorticity and creates a while.

Twister: The fire tornado is created by unique conditions and can reach hundreds of feet into the air

It occurs when a column of warm, rising air is enveloped by flames - causing low pressure to appear around the ground.

Cooler air then rushes in to replace the rising air, creating a vortex which can pull flames up to hundreds of metres above the ground.

In 1923, a fire tornado ignited by the Great Kanto earthquake in Tokyo grew to the size of a large city and killed 38,000 people in just 15 minutes.

It comes after another fire tornado tore through crop fields in Aracatuba, southern Brazil, after months of drought.

The whirlwind of flames was also captured on camera as wildfires ravaged the area in the southern Sao Paulo state.

source : dailymail [endtext]

Robert Pattinson out after Twilight with a blonde cougar (but don't worry Kristen, it's his publicist)

By Mailonline Reporter

Night on the town: A dressed down Robert Pattinson hit up Hollywood last night with a blonde on his arm - his publicist, Stephanie Ritz

Robert Pattinson hit up the Hollywood party scene last night with an attractive older blonde on his arm.

But girlfriend Kristen Stewart need not lose any sleep, Pattinson was just enjoying a night out with his publicist, Stephanie Ritz.

The two stopped by the Soho House before joining the rest of the Hollywood elite at Jimmy Fallon's post Emmy party at Trousdale.

Pattinson was dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt, with a baseball cap pulled down low. The Twilight star was also sporting a big bushy beard.

Pattinson and Stewart met on the set of the first Twilight film. Their on-set chemistry was palpable and immediately sparked rumours of an off-set romance between the two.

The couple kept the public guessing, until Pattinson finally confirmed that he was in fact dating his leading lady.

The 24-year-old actor put an end to the months of speculation at the BAFTA Awards in London back in February.

Real life love: After months of rumour and speculation Pattinson finally confessed in February to dating his Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart

'It is extremely difficult but we are together, yes,' Patinson confessed to The Sun. 'We can't arrive at the same time because of the fans. It goes crazy.

'This was supposed to be a public appearance as a couple, but it's impossible. We are here together and it's a public event, but it's not easy.

'We have to do all this stuff to avoid attention.'

Pattinson's big breakthrough role was when he played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

But he shot to superstardom as angst-ridden vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga.

Hard at work: Pattinson has been filming Water For Elephants with Reese Witherspoon. The actor plays Jacob Jankowski, a veterinary trainer that throws it all in and runs away to join the circus

Pattinson's career is red hot right now.

Earlier this year, The Sunday Times Rich List put him on its 'list of young millionaires' in the UK, worth £13 million.

And in June 2010, Pattinson was ranked number 50 by Forbes Magazine's most powerful celebrity in the world list with earnings of $17 million.

Pattinson has recently been filming Water For Elephants which he will star in opposite Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon.

He plays Jacob Jankowski, a veterinary student who throws it all in and runs off and joins the circus. Once there he falls in love with the elephant trainer's wife, played by Witherspoon.

Superstar: Pattinson became a household name after his portrayal of angst-ridden vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga movie franchise

Pattinson is next scheduled to start filming on the last Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, which will be split into two parts and released over two years.

However, the movie may be delayed due to violence in Rio De Janeiro, in Brazil, where filming is due to occur.

A spokesman for film company Summit, told U.S. website, RadarOnline: 'The possibility of filming portions of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 in Brazil has always been under consideration and we are continuing to scout locations within the country.'

Breaking Dawn- Part 1 is currently set to be released in November 2011 with Part 2 out in November 2012.

source: dailymail


Fancy seeing you here! Kate Beckinsale takes daughter Lily to get her nails done... and runs into Brooke Shields


By Sarah Bull

Fancy seeing you here! Kate Beckinsale (left) took daughter Lily (front left) to get her nails done and ran into Brooke Shields there with her two daughters (in blue and yellow)

With thousands of Hollywood stars living in Los Angeles, the likelihood of two bumping into each other is higher than average.

So it's no wonder Kate Beckinsale didn't look too surprised when she bumped into actress Brooke Shields as she took daughter Lily to get her nails done.

The 37-year-old actress decided to treat nine-year-old Lily to some pampering at the Nail Spa Lane in Santa Monica when she ran into Brooke, who was there with her own daughters Rowan, seven, and four-year-old Grier.

Having a chat: Kate and Brooke didn't stop talking as they had their nails done

Kate, who was recently named the third hottest mother in Hollywood in a new poll, looked relaxed and casual in her outfit of a white long-sleeved T-shirt and grey skinny jeans.

She even came prepared for the occasion, switching her heels for flip-flops to ensure her pedicure remained in tact as she left the salon.

But it was just a pedicure for Brooke, who has her right hand bandaged up after breaking it during rehearsals for new musical Leap Of Faith.

Look at my nails, Mummy! Brooke admires seven-year-old Rowan's nails

Injured: It was just a pedicure for Brooke, who broke her hand during rehearsals for new musical Leap Of Faith

However, despite appearances, a representative for the actress said the injury wasn't as bad as it looked, and should be healed very soon.

She said: 'Brooke broke her hand during rehearsal for the musical Leap Of Faith.

'The cast will be off before previews on September 11. It was a minor break and did not affect the production schedule.'

Always be prepared: Kate ensured she swapped her heels for flip-flops as she left the nail salon, to ensure her pedicure stayed perfectly in place

Casual day out: Brooke and Rowan had earlier popped into the grocery store

Brooke is set to star alongside actor Raul Esparaza in the musical, which tells the story of con artist Jonas Nightingale as he moves to Kansas.

While the local sheriff is determined to stop Nightingale taking advantage of the locals, everything changes when he meets waitress Marva, played by Brooke, and her son.

The show is due to officially open on October 3rd at Los Angeles' Ahmanson Theatre.

source: dailymail

Smiley Miley: The single star doesn't look too upset by split with Liam Hemsworth


By Andrea Magrath

Happy traveller: Miley Cyrus looked cheerful as she walked through JFK airport in New York yesterday

She only split for from her boyfriend of a year Liam Hemsworth last week, but Miley Cyrus didn't look too distraught as she walked through JFK airport yesterday.

The 17-year-old star was all smiles as she and mother Tish dashed through the terminal in New York .

Miley was in her usual attire of denim cut offs and transparent T-shirt, with her lacy black bra visible beneath. She added a long black cardigan, colourful bag and a pair of Alexander McQueen zipper boots.

Perhaps her latest film LOL: Laughing Out Loud is influencing her outlook, because despite speaking publicly on how smitten she was with Australian Liam, Miley was flashing her toothy grin all the way through the airport.

And while the couple, who met on the set of The Last Song, only parted ways last week, rumours are already rife that Miley may have started yet another on-set romance.
Blogs are buzzing with speculation that Miley is hooking up with Step Up 3D actor Adam Sevani.

Reports are claiming that while the 18-year-old curly haired cutie and Miley are not dating, they are 'friends with benefits'.

Laughing Out Loud: The star, pictured with mother Tish, may be taking tips from her latest film LOL after splitting with Liam Hemsworth last week

The film, which also stars Demi Moore and Twilight actress Ashley Greene, is about dating in the age of Facebook, and the cast have been filming in Detroit for over a month.

A casual fling may be just what Miley is looking for, after breaking up from the boy she named as her 'first serious boyfriend.'

The Party in the USA singer gushed about Hemsworth to Parade magazine earlier this year, saying: [Liam has] become my best friend in the whole wide world. I love him.

'He really respects me for who I am because coming from Australia, he really didn’t know me as the celebrity I am here.

'Best friends': The couple met on the set of their film The Last Song, and Miley named Hemsworth as her first 'serious' boyfriend

'I got to tell him about myself on my own terms and my own way. He had no preconceived notion of who I was supposed to be.'

But even if rumours of her on-set romance turn out to be false, Miley will not find herself short of male fans as Justin Bieber has revealed his admiration for the Hannah Montana star too.

The teen heartthrob says he would love to re-make smash hit musical Grease, and has pointed to Miley as his perfect Sandy.

'It would be a lot of fun. It's been talked about a lot over the years but it would be awesome to play Danny,' the Sun newspaper quotes Bieber.

Male admirers: Miley has already been linked with LOL co-star Adam Sevani (left), while Justin Bieber says he would love to work with her

'I would go for Miley Cyrus without hesitation. She can sing, dance and act.' The 16-year-old adds that he has some British stars in mind to round out his dream cast:

I'd want some great people to star in it. Wouldn't Susan Boyle make an amazing Principal McGee?' he says. 'We'd just need to write it into the script that she broke into song.

'I am obsessed with Susan. When I look at her original audition it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

'I would love to include Cheryl Cole as well. She would look great in the Rydell High cheerleading uniform.'

source: dailymail


Jessica Alba parades her super toned legs in babydoll dress and bondage heels

By Daily Mail Reporter

Never ending legs: Jessica Alba looked immaculate in a revealing babydoll dress and bondage heels as she arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York today

It would appear Jessica Alba knows a trick or two when it comes to promoting her new movie.

The stunning actress turned heads today in an impossibly short babydoll dress and bondage-style heels as she arrived to film an interview on the David Letterman show.

Jessica, 29, who showed off her enviably toned legs in the outfit, is in New York to plug her action film Machete, which premiered in Los Angeles last week.

The smiling actress was greeted by crowds of delighted fans as she rolled up outside the Ed Sullivan Theatre in Times Square this afternoon.

Mother-of-one Jessica signed autographs before making her way inside to record her slot on the Late Show.

The star, who is married to 31-year-old film producer Cash Warren, plays a U.S.

Customs and Enforcement agent in the upcoming Machete film, which is directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Head turner: The actress, who paraded her enviably toned legs, was filming an interview to plug her new movie Machete on the Late Show with David Letterman

The film centres on Machete, an ex-Federale, played by Danny Trejo, who launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his boss after being betrayed by the organization that hired him.

It also stars Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Rodriguez, Steven Segal, Robert DeNero, Rose McGowan and Don Johnson.

Machete, which is released in the U.S. on September 3, has already fallen foul of controversy after a trailer that was released with a special 'Cinco De Mayo' message inviting viewers into a violent on-screen race war caused outcries of racism.

Crowd pleaser: The mother-of-one signed autographs for fans who were eagerly awaiting her arrival outside the studios in Times Square

Jessica is mother to two-year-old Honor Marie and has revealed that she would like to add to her brood, telling Extra: 'We’ll have a few kids…three or four.'

Although the super fit actress is wary of having to deal with the pregnancy weight gain.

Alba shared that she had to work hard at shedding the weight after the birth of Honor: 'I shockingly gained weight right after I had the baby,' she said.

'So I worked out. It wasn’t fun. Twice a day. I ate really healthy.'

source: dailymail [endtext]

Turquoise dream! String bikini girl Britney looks stunning on romantic Hawaii break


By Mail Online Reporter

Blue Lagoon: Britney shows off her toned body in a turquoise string bikini in Maui, Hawaii

Britney Spears certainly hasn't been singing the blues lately as she continues to enjoy a romantic getaway with boyfriend Jason Trawick.

The singer looked stunning in a turquoise-blue bikini as she enjoyed a cocktail in Hawaii.
The couple have been acting very loved up on their break in the exotic location leading to speculation that they plan to marry soon.

Relaxed: Britney looked chilled and without a care in the world while on holiday without her kids. Her Mum is looking after them back in California

Jason, who is Britney's former agent , has been dating the singer for over a year now.

He's been credited with helping to bring Spears back to life after her well-documented turmoil two years ago.

He has since stopped working for Britney and now focuses his time keeping her happy romantically, while someone else looks after her career.

Deep in thought: A pensive Britney smokes a cigarette as she watches a wedding ceremony from her hotel balcony yesterday in Maui, Hawaii

Perhaps looking for a little inspiration for what would be her third trip down the aisle, Britney was spotted yesterday watching a wedding ceremony from her hotel balcony.

Spears and 44-year-old former agent Trawick are staying in a luxury suite overlooking the ocean on Mauii's beautiful Wailea coast.

Earlier on the trip, Spears dressed in a pink and black bikini, looked deep in thought as she smoked a cigarette and watched the festivities below.

Look of love: Spears soon cheered up when she was joined on the balcony by her former agent boyfriend of a year, Jason Trawick

Tanned and toned: Both Spears and Trawick look in amazing shape

But she soon brightened up when she was joined on the balcony by Trawick.

The couple were clearly enjoying each other's company as they laughed and joked together.

Spears is no stranger to getting hitched, having married her childhood friend Jason Alexander back in 2004 in Las Vegas - before getting the marriage annulled 55 hours later.

In the same year she married her backing dancer Kevin Federline, who she went on to have two children with, Sean Preston and Jayden James, before filing for divorce two years later.

Spears and Trawick have been making the most of their time together in Hawaii, hanging out at both the pool and beach, enjoying spa treatments, shopping at the mall and feasting on gourmet meals.

And Spears has clearly regained her confidence, showing off her newly toned figure by the pool and on the beach in a variety of bikinis.

Meanwhile Spear's parents Jamie and Lynne - who divorced eight years ago - are taking care of her sons on holiday in Santa Barbara, California.

Scroll down to see video...

Getting glamorous: Britney Spears seen in newly released still from an advert for her perfume Radiance

Bright lights: In the ad the singer leaves a club before visiting a fortune teller

Britney and Jason headed to Hawaii after she filmed a role for a special episode of hit TV show Glee

The LA set was on complete lockdown when Britney went in to film her parts, so details of her appearance and performance couldn't be leaked.

Creator Ryan Murphy told E! Online: 'It was literally like the President had come.

'We all had to wear wristbands. I couldn't get into my own sets at one point, which I thought was hilarious.

‘Everybody was sort of trying to get into the set and find out what the hell she's doing in the episode.’

At least six Britney songs are said to be featured in the much-anticipated episode.

No thanks: But Britney tells the mystic that she choose her own destiny when she attempts to look into the singer's future

Smell of success: Britney comes over all sultry in the trailer

source: dailymail


Simon Cowell's villa wrecked by rowdy X Factor hopefuls

By Liz Thomas

Not amused: Simon Cowell was woken by drunken X Factor contestants who ruined his rented villa in Marbella, Spain

Rowdy X Factor contestants have ruined Simon Cowell's rented luxury villa in Spain.

He was left furious after they caused thousands of pounds worth of damage and drank his vintage champagne and imported beer.

The 50-year-old is staying in a 20-bedroom villa in Marbella, where he is 'mentoring' this year's X Factor hopefuls.

The property - which also boasts three pools, a cinema and a gym - costs Cowell £15,000 a day.

But problems started on Sunday night when contestants raided his drinks bar and finished his champagne and Sapporo beer that he had flown in from Japan.

Afterwards they swam in the sea and then stumbled back to their rooms, trampling over furniture and wrecking a £5,000 Persian rug. Antique and designer furniture was covered in sand and stained by sea water.

A show source said: 'It was chaos. It is thousands of pounds of damage. They were just very excited and things got out of hand.'

Cowell was woken up by the partying into the early hours. He said yesterday: 'Yes they did wake me up.

'Any damage will have to be paid out of their first royalty cheque if they make it - to teach them a lesson.'

Cowell also spoke about controversies hitting the show including his decision to ban auto tune and the expulsion of Shirlena Johnson.

The first episode of the new series featured a number of auditions where singers voices were adjusted to sound better than they actually were.

Possible reprieve: X Factor bosses are considering allowing Shirlena Johnson, pictured with her daughter, back on the show after she was dropped when fears arose about her health

Producers were accused of regularly using the technology but Cowell insisted it was only used in the 'extreme conditions' of the auditions where contestants brought poor quality backing tracks and the crowd noise could drown them out.

He confirmed the technology would not be used again, adding: 'And to say we were using it to cheat is nonsense.'

Cowell also said that axed contestant Shirlena Johnson may get a reprieve and a chance to come back on the show.

She was dropped from the series after a medical report and the show doctor said she may not be able to able to cope with the stress of the contest.

Trashed: Cowell's 20-bedroom villa in Marbella, which X Factor hopefuls who were staying there have ruined

source: dailymail

Christine Bleakley overdoes the fake tan as she reunites with Adrian Chiles ahead of TV return


By Daily Mail Reporter

Tan fan: Christine Bleakley appeared to have overdone the fake tan as she promoted her new ITV show Daybreak

With her return to TV screens looming, Christine Bleakley is obviously keen to look her best.

But as she posed for a photoshoot to promote her new show Daybreak it appeared she may have been seeking beauty advice from her fellow WAGs.

The presenter appeared to have layered on the fake tan in a typical footballer's wife style, with her skin boasting a dark glow.

It comes just a few weeks after she and boyfriend Frank Lampard were spotted enjoying a night on the town sporting matching orange glows.

But while Lampard matched his skin to Christine's, her old friend Adrian Chiles appeared to have stuck to his natural skin tone.

The pair are set to be reunited five months after they last shared the sofa for The One Show.

Reunited: Christine and Adrian Chiles are preparing to return to the sofa after five months apart

Orange? Christine on a night out with boyfriend Frank Lampard

They will return to TV as they front their new programme, which is replacing GMTV, from next Monday.

Chiles, 43, walked turned his back on the BBC in April after it emerged he was being asked to make way for Chris Evans on Friday nights.

It has since emerged that he even rejected a chat show offered by BBC bosses desperate to keep him at the station.

BBC1 controller Jay Hunt said: 'Of course Adrian was hurt. Adrian was hurt by the changes to Friday night.'

She told an audience at the Edinburgh Festival that he was offered a 'range of opportunities' including a chat show and sports shows and said it was 'the sort of offer of work that a lot of presenters would give their back teeth for'.

Christine announced she would be joining Chiles in July after she signed a £4million three-year deal with ITV after the BBC withdrew its £900,000 two-year-offer to stay at the corporation.

Their arrival has seen the departure of veteran GMTV hosts Penny Smith and Andrew Castle, while Kate Garraway has been handed the role of entertainment editor.

source: dailymail


Maneater Nelly Furtado unrecognisable as she shows off a fuller figure
By Daily Mail Reporter

Unflattering: Nelly Furtado hits the stage at a music festival in Poland at the weekend wearing a tight black jumpsuit that showed off her fuller figure

Nelly Furtado made a rare appearance at the weekend showing off her new fuller figure.

The Canadian singer looked a far cry from the slender, toned performer who hit the charts with I'm Like a Bird 10 years ago.

Performing at a music festival in Warsaw, Nelly hit the stage wearing an unflattering black jumpsuit that showed off every lump and bump.

She paired it with a gold jacket and black scarf which gave no hint of the stylish diva
she once was.

Furtado was well known for her flat stomach and toned dancer's body.

She even sang about her figure in her hit song Give It To Me.

Booty bumps: The I'm Like a Bird singer shows off her curves as she dances on stage to her hits

'Love my ass, love my abs in the video of Promiscuous

'My style is ri-dic-dic-diculous, 'diculous, 'diculous'.

Just 4 years ago the 31-year-old writhed around with Justin Timberlake in the video for Promiscuous.

Elvis: Furtado's jumpsuit looked more like an Elvis costume than the stylish fashions Nelly used to wear

She proudly showing off her body in revealing outfits and sexy dance moves.

In 2006, Furtado revealed that she once turned down $500,000 (£325,000) to pose fully clothed for Playboy.

'To do it would be a vanity thing, an egotistical thing. It's not to say I would never do it. It's very tempting.'

Big difference: Nelly showing off her once famous abs (left) and fuller figure (right)

Nelly gave birth to daughter Nevis in 2003 and got married in 2008 to a Cuban sound

The Grammy award winner's new album Lifestyle is due out later this year.

source: dailymail

Javier Mascherano completes his move to Barcelona...and immediately hits out at Liverpool


By Sportsmail Reporter

Warm welcome: Javier Mascherano waves during his official presentation at the Nou Camp

Javier Mascherano completed his troubled move to Barcelona on Monday night, then accused Liverpool of lying.

The Argentina captain was labelled ‘selfish’ by Anfield boss Roy Hodgson, who claimed the midfielder had refused to play for the club in a Europa League tie to try to force through his move.

But Mascherano, 26, said: ‘Roy Hodgson knows the truth. This is a happy moment for me so now is not the moment to say it, but a lot of lies have been spoken about me and shortly I will respond.’

The midfielder said he was close to moving to Barca a year ago but Liverpool refused to sell him because Xabi Alonso was leaving. He added: ‘When the best club in the world calls you, then it is something that you want to happen.’

Mascherano, who cost Barcelona £22million, says he hopes Liverpool get back into the top four in the Barclays Premier League. ‘I hope they get back into the Champions League as soon as possible. I still have a lot of affection for the fans of the club.’

Mascherano signed a four-year deal at the Nou Camp office of new club president Sandro Rosell. The contract has a buy-out clause of £74million.

Mascherano will wear the number 14 shirt with Barca, which was previously the number worn by Thierry Henry prior to the Frenchman's departure this summer.

Meeting the boss: Mascherano poses with Barcelona president Sandro Rosell

The Argentina midfielder will have to vie for playing time with Spain trio Xavi, Sergio Busquets and Andres Iniesta at the heart of Pep Guardiola's side, but insisted he wasn't deterred by the challenge.

'It would be stupid to think I would come here and be playing every game,' Mascherano said. 'You have to respect the people who are already doing well and who have won everything. In the positions I play in, there are three world champions.

'It will be an honour to be able learn from them and to grow with them.'

Barca's sporting vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu said the 26-year-old had taken a pay cut to help complete the move, and said Mascherano's arrival would be their last of the current transfer window.

Mascherano became Barca's third acquisition of the summer after Spain striker David Villa and Brazilian full back Adriano Correia, and he helps fill the gap left by Yaya Toure's departure to Manchester City.

source: dailymail


Monday, August 30, 2010

F1rst reveals debut MV, ‘You Like Me, I Like You’


Rookie group, F1rst, a hybrid group consisting of four males and four females, released their remake debut single, You Like Me, I Like You, not too long ago, and they have been a hot issue ever since.

F1rst made a great start to their debut with the first performance of their title track on MBC’s Music Core, which received a positive response from viewers.

The co-ed group has finally released the official music video for their track, and it’s hot! Although there isn’t much change in scenery throughout the MV, they pull off a great variety of dance movements, starting off with some ballet, throwing in some leg splits, and even including some break dancing.

source: allkpop


Emmys 2010: Glee and Mad Men celebrate big wins, as autistic film Temple Grandin scoop the most awards

By Daily Mail Reporter

Triumphant: Glee's Sue Sylvester (left) picked up Best Supporting Actress gong and co-star Lea Michele missed out on a Lead Actress, but certainly won over fashion critics with her Oscar De La Renta dress

TV film Temple Grandin wins five gongs, including Best Actress in a TV movie for Claire Danes

Glee gets three trophies, but is beaten by Modern Family for Best Comedy

Mad Men gets two awards, with third win consecutive for Best Drama Series

They're two of the biggest shows on television right now, so it was no surprise to see Glee and Mad Men picking up a host of coveted awards at the Emmys last night.

Musical comedy Glee received three accolades at the Los Angeles ceremony, including Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy for Jane Lynch, for her performance as caustic coach Sue Sylvester.

The show also picked Best Director of a Comedy Series for creator Ryan Murphy, but missed out on the coveted Best Comedy gong to Modern Family.

Scroll down for full list of winners...

Thank you: Glee star Jane Lynch, in a one-shouldered Ali Rahimi gown, accepts the outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series award for her part as Sue Sylvester. The musical show won a total of three awards

The hugely popular musical show also received an award for Outstanding Guest Actor Neil Patrick Harris, who played Brian Ryan, Will Schuester's (Matthew Morrison) old high school glee club nemesis.

Mad Men made it a third consecutive win for the prestigious best drama series at last night's 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, with Erin Levy and Matthew Weiner also receiving a trophy for outstanding writing for the show, set in 1960s America.

But the bigger winner last night was TV film Temple Grandin, which led the haul with five gongs.

On form: Mad Men's leading ladies January Jones, Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks looked the part as they posed in the backstage lounge

Honoured: Mad Men executive producer Matthew Weiner, centre right, accepts the award for outstanding drama series, making it a third consecutive win in that category for the drama set in 1960s America

The made-for-TV biopic stars Claire Danes as autistic animal scientist Temple Grandin who revolutionised practises for the humane handling of livestock on cattle ranches and slaughterhouses.

Danes won the gong for best actress in a TV movie, with the flick also being honoured in the category for best director (Mick Jackson), best movie, and nods for David Strathairn and Julia Ormond for their roles as supporting actor and actress.

The film debuted on HBO in February and received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Celebrate: Michele and co-star Chris Colfer congratulate Glee creator Ryan Murphy after he is named Best Director

Dinner for three: Lynch is distracted by her Emmy as she dines with her wife Dr Lara Embry at the post-Emmy Governor's Ball

An emotional Temple Grandin, who was also celebrating her birthday, was there in person and appeared onstage with the cast as the film raked in its awards.

Mockumentary Modern Family was named Best Comedy, beating Glee, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock and Nurse Jackie to the title.

To our fans, we are so grateful, we are so thrilled that families are sitting down together to watch a television show, and we're so happy that you have let us into your families,' said Steven Levitan, Modern Family executive producer.

Dapper: Mad Men stars Jon Hamm (far left), John Slattery (2nd right) and Robert Morse (far right) join producer Matthew Weiner backstage after winning Outstanding Drama Series

The best comedy series award was the first for the freshman sitcom, which also captured an acting award for Eric Stonestreet and a best writing trophy.

Mad Men's series creator Matthew Weiner seemed to take the night in his stride.

'I knew one day I would run somewhere and win a trophy,' Weiner joked earlier in the ceremony when he dashed to the stage to claim the Emmy for best drama series writing with Erin Levy.

Proud winners: Claire Danes in shimmering Armani Prive, poses with her award while, right, Julia Ormond shows off her gong for Best Supporting Actress in the film

Humbled: David Strathairn picked up the trophy for best supporting actor in Temple Grandin

Bryan Cranston's portrayal of a meth dealer in 'Breaking Bad' and Kyra Sedgwick's role as a brassy deputy police chief in 'The Closer' earned the pair top drama series acting awards.

Cranston's honor was his third trophy for playing a high school math teacher gone wrong, while his co-star, Aaron Paul, earned his first award as best supporting actor for playing his partner-in-crime.

'During the time it took me to walk up here, I venture there were 200 text messages to the other nominees saying, 'You were robbed.' I cannot argue with that,' Cranston said.

High praise: Weiner, flanked by January Jones, makes a speech as Mad Men writer Erin Levy holds her award for outstanding writing for a drama series for, the second award the show received

Archie Panjabi of 'The Good Wife' was honoured as best supporting actress in a drama for her part as a law-firm's in-house private investigator, as Emmy voters spread the riches widely among veterans and fresh faces.

Edie Falco of 'Nurse Jackie' and Jim Parsons of 'The Big Bang Theory' were honoured for their comedy series lead roles.

Falco's trophy for playing a tough but troubled nurse came after her hallmark turn as a mob boss' wife in 'The Sopranos,' for which she won three best drama actress Emmys.

Big winner: Autistic animal scientist Temple Grandin, left, hugs producer Emily Gerson after the biopic Temple Grandin won for outstanding made-for-television movie at the 62nd annual Primetime Emmy Awards last night

Biggest haul: The autistic film won a total of five awards, with Claire Danes, who plays Grandin, picking up the gong for best actress in a TV movie

'Oh, this is the most ridiculous thing that has ever, ever happened in the history of this lovely awards show. I'm not funny!' Falco said.

Parsons won for his portrayal of a scientist as nerdy as he is brilliant. He ended fellow nominee Alec Baldwin's two-year winning streak for '30 Rock' and beat out other heavyweights including Tony Shalhoub, nominated for the final season of 'Monk' and a three-time winner, and Steve Carell of 'The Office.'

'Now I know how much I didn't think this was going to happen. Some of you apparently voted for me. That was very sweet,' Parsons told the theatre audience.

Surprised: The cast of Modern Family beat Glee to get the trophy for outstanding comedy series, from left are presenter Ted Danson, Julie Bowen, Sarah Hyland, Sofia Vergara, Rico Rodriguez and Eric Stonestreet

Trio of fun: True Blood stars Alexander Skarsgard and newlywed real life couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer presented the award for best director for a TV movie which went to Mick Jackson for Temple Grandin

Stonestreet of 'Modern Family' and Lynch of 'Glee' were honoured for their comedy-series supporting roles.

'All I wanted to be was a clown in the circus when I was a kid growing up,' said Stonestreet, who plays a boisterous gay dad and partner. He thanked his parents for their support and promised to send his trophy home with them.

Lynch also thanked her folks along with her wife, Lara Embry. The pair married in Massachusetts in May.

Praised: George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis backstage after the actor received the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award

Fancy seeing you here: Clooney accepted the award from his former ER co-star, Julianna Margulies, who lauded his fundraising efforts for victims of this year's earthquake in Haiti, the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia and the September 11 terrorist attacks

'This is outlandish. ... I want to thank my lord and creator, Ryan Murphy, for creating his role,' Lynch said, paying tribute to the 'Glee' executive producer.

'Top Chef' won best reality series, ending the seven-year winning streak of 'The Amazing Race.'

Jon Stewart's 'The Daily Show' won its eighth consecutive Emmy Award for best variety, music or comedy series. The victory kept Conan O'Brien from claiming an Emmy for his short-lived stint as 'Tonight' host.

Many talents: Kim Kardashian, in a flowing white Marchesa gown, sang alongside guitar-playing host Jimmy Fallon to help introduce the award for best reality TV programme, which went to Top Chef

Show opener: Jimmy Fallon kicked things off on a musical note, performing a song-and-dance number with the cast of Glee and a wildly mismatched group of celebrities, from left Amber Riley, Jane Lynch, Tina Fey, Joel McHale, Fallon, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Jorge Garcia

George Clooney accepted the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award from his former 'ER' co-star, Julianna Margulies, who lauded his fundraising efforts for victims of this year's earthquake in Haiti, the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia and the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Clooney, recalling evenings spent with Bob and Dolores Hope at the home of his aunt, singer Rosemary Clooney, said he was inspired by the late comedian and his wife, now 101.

'If you look at everything they accomplished in their lives ... They're the best version of the term 'celebrity,'' Clooney said.

Jewel sang her song 'Hole in My Heart' during a memorial tribute to prominent TV figures, including Robert Culp, Soupy Sales, Dixie Carter, Gary Coleman, John Forsythe and 'Roots' producer David L. Wolper.

Al Pacino was honoured as best lead actor in a miniseries or movie for 'You Don't Know Jack,' about euthanasia advocate Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who was in the audience and stood, smiling, at Pacino's request. The controversial physician received scattered applause.

Host Jimmy Fallon opened the show on a musical note, performing a song-and-dance number with the cast of 'Glee' and a wildly mismatched group of celebrities including Betty White, Jon Hamm, Kate Gosselin and Randy Jackson.

British comic Ricky Gervais also presented an award, showing off his newly trim figure in a smart suit

Much of the group ended up on the Nokia Theatre stage to kick off the awards with a high-energy version of 'Born to Run,' with Fallon on guitar.

'Tonight we're going to celebrate your work,' Fallon told the audience. 'So let's have some fun tonight.'

Last year's host, Neil Patrick Harris, was a presenter Sunday and took the time to rib Fallon.

'I want to thank the (TV) academy for allowing a gay man to host the Emmys two years in a row. Congratulations, Jimmy, you're doing a good job,' Harris said, smiling.

source: dailymail


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