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Sunday, June 20, 2010

What NOT To Bare: Naked Trinny Woodall gets a bottom massage in new spoof with Susannah Constantine
By Mailonline Reporter

Handle with care: Trinny Woodall in 'What They Did Next'

She's famous for her series Undress The Nation but as our pictures show, Trinny Woodall doesn't mind getting her clothes off on camera for a bottom massage.

But these stills aren't taken from the latest makeover programme from style gurus Trinny and Susannah. They're from a new spoof series that the pair are hoping will rejuvenate their flagging careers.

Called Trinny and Susannah: What They Did Next, the series of 16 episodes sees the pair sending themselves up in the style of hit U.S. show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Just a laugh: Trinny Woodall admits she's sending herself up in her series of spoof documentaries

Trinny and Susannah Constantine, both 46, came up with the idea for the series so viewers would see they don't take themselves too seriously. They then decided to air the fly-on-the-wall spoof over the internet to 'make a production where we're in control.'

Susannah told the Guardian: 'It came about from a very bizarre process. One weekend I had the Scissor Sisters staying and I read a Sunday Times article which said the next time Trinny and I should be on TV should be our own hanging.

Undress The Nation: Trinny and Susannah in their ITV series

'I burst into tears and Scott Hoffman said to me: 'What is this, it's the kind of thing normally used for world leaders.' He said to me we should do something along the lines of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I spoke to Trinny about it and we started developing it.'

In the trailer for the spoof (below), the pair say they want viewers to get to know 'the real Trinny and Susannah'.

Trinny adds: 'This relationship has been going for 14 years - longer than my marriage.'

Susannah quips: 'We might not have a reputation - let's keep what we've got left.'

The duo became famous in 2001 for their BBC series What Not To Wear. They were well-known for prodding and poking contestants as they often made harsh and cutting critiques of the contestants' fashion choices.

By 2006 ITV had poached them on a £1.2million contract for the series Trinny and Susannah Undress, where the flamboyant pair were seen helping couples with marriage problems by trying to build their confidence with and without clothing.

The series, only available on, is available now.

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