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Monday, May 31, 2010

Don't look before you leap! Dare-devil Frenchman jumps off Eiffel Tower in skates
By Daily Mail Reporter

French roller-skater Taig Kris set a new world record for the longest jump with roller-skates on when he dropped off the Eiffel Tower

Huge crowds gathered under the Eiffel Tower in Paris yesterday to watch a world champion extreme sportsman attempt to jump off the famous landmark with inline skates on.

Thousands of nervous bystanders lined the avenues around the famous monument to watch Frenchman Taig Khris perform the dangerous feat.

And he's off: Taig Khris jumps the 30 meter halfpipe from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower

The 34-year-old was attempting a new Guinness world record for the longest freefall from a structure onto a landing ramp.

He made his death-defying leap from the 131ft high first floor of the tower onto a giant sized quarter pipe ramp built below.

He fluffed his first attempt after losing his footing and sliding down at speed into a giant air bag. However undaunted he was went back for a second try.

Going, gone: Taig Khris dropped a record 39ft from a 131ft platform attached to the Eiffel Tower

This time he landed cleanly and raised his arms in celebration and the crowd yelped and cheered. He dropped a record 39ft, beating the 28ft fall set by American Danny Way.

'I've never had such a strong adrenaline rush,' Mr Khris said.

He said his jump was 'to give people the desire to reach beyond their limits, to follow their passions, their dreams.'

British racing driver escapes with broken leg after car disintegrates in 200mph horror smash
By Daily Mail Reporter

Mike Conway goes airborne before crashing into the fencing after colliding with Ryan Hunter-Reay (37) during Indianapolis 500

This is the moment British driver Mike Conway was launched into the air at 200mph during the Indy 500 motor race.

His car catapulted into the safety fencing and disintegrated in front of hundreds of thousands of horrified spectators.

But amazingly, Conway only sustained broken leg and ligament damage.

Dreyer & Reinbold Racing driver Mike Conway flies through the air after crashing with Andretti Autosport driver Ryan Hunter-Reay

The car was airborne for several seconds during the penultimate lap of the race

Team owner Dennis Reinbold told how the accident happened a split second before he was about to warn Conway that other drivers were sklowing down.

'I was just getting ready to tell Mike, 'Some guys are going to slow down, so give yourself some room'' Reinbold said, his upper lip quivering. 'I never got the words out.'

With cars slowing to save fuel, the 26-year-old Briton entered the narrow short chute between turns three and four, ran into Ryan Hunter-Reay's sputtering car and flew into the catch fence.

The accident on Lap 199 prompted the final caution of the race and shook up the drivers.

'It's not comforting going underneath a car flipping in the air,' Danica Patrick said. 'I got through it, but I hope they're OK. It's never good when people are upside down and doing cartwheels

The car begins to disintegrate as it strikes the catch fencing going backwards at 200mph

This amazing image captures the split second when Conway's car slams into the fence

Horrified spectators look on as the racing car splinters apart. But, crucially, the cockpit remains intact saving Conway from serious injury

The remains of the car skids along the race track with the driver strapped inside. Because the vehicle was very low on fuel, there was no fire

Reinbold didn't even realize at first that it was Conway and teammate Ana Beatriz involved in the crash.

The small-budget team owner with four cars in Sunday's lineup had his eyes on IndyCar's biggest prize - winning the Indianapolis 500 - and decided to send Conway after it.

'We caught the pack. When you catch the pack and you're going that fast, it's a gamble,' Reinbold said. 'But it's the Indianapolis 500 and sometimes you have to take a gamble.'

Survived: Mike Conway suffered compound fracture to his left leg

The risk didn't pay off, shaking Reinbold and his team as the car was unloaded in two long pieces and the destroyed chassis was thrown into a pile of rubble.

Doctors rushed to his aid as wreckage was strewn across the track and Conway, 26, was airlifted to hospital.

His injuries were last night described as 'gruesome' and the man from Bromley in Kent faces a long fight back.

Doctors believe Conway suffered a compound fracture of his left leg, as well as tearing ligaments and tendons in his knees and ankles.

The miracle is that his injuries were not more serious given the severity of the accident that drew gasps not just from the crowd, but from the drivers coming to the end of one of the fastest and most gruelling events in the motor racing calendar.

Reinbold acknowledged series officials didn't have enough time to react to the slowing field and the hard-charging Conway.

Brian Barnhart, IndyCar president of competition and racing operations, said there was probably nothing he would have done anyway.

'It looked like the closing rate was pretty significant between the 37 and 24 and when you're in the middle of a corner like that,' Barnhart said.

'It's one of the risks that happens when you come down to the end of a race.'

Hunter-Reay, however, thought it could have been prevented another way.

'In hindsight we should have stopped for fuel,' he said. 'It's dangerous. ...

There's no runoff lane. There's no bailout procedure. You've got to slow down or you're going to hit the car in front of you.'


Cheryl Cole 'spends three nights with dancer Derek Hough at the home she shared with Ashley'
By Daily Mail Reporter

Close: Cheryl Cole was spotted arriving at her home with Derek Hough on Thursday and Friday nights last week

Cheryl Cole has spent three nights with dancer Derek Hough at the home she once shared with ex Ashley, it was claimed today.

The singer was spotted arriving at her home with the handsome dancer, 25, on Thursday and Friday nights last week, just days after she filed for divorce from Cole.

The pair have become increasingly close after they performed a raunchy dance routine for the video clip for her single Parachute.

Friends: The pair seemed deep in conversation as they sat in the back of a taxi

Derek flew to be by Cheryl's side just hours after he and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger were crowned U.S. Dancing with the Stars champions last week.

A source told The News of the World: 'Cheryl was desperate to see Derek. She's been speaking to him almost every day and he's helped her get through this awful time.'

'She really wanted Derek to come to London to be with her earlier but he couldn't leave the States because he was partnering Nicole Scherzinger on Dancing with the Stars.

'But that ended just as Cheryl decided to go through with the divorce. She begged Derek to come and he instantly agreed.'

Up close and personal: Derek joined Cheryl on stage at the O2 Arena this week as she performed her single Parachute

Chemistry: Derek joined Cheryl on stage after watching her performance from the wings

Their chemistry was evident as Derek joined her on stage at the O2 arena after watching from the wings on Thursday night.

The pair performed their dance routine for Parachute and Cheryl then invited her friend back to her luxurious Surrey mansion, where he reportedly spent three nights.

'It was a very big decision on her part. But she loves spending time with Derek,' a source told the News of the World.

Friendship: Derek, pictured with Cheryl in LA in February, has been a source of comfort to the star during her split from Ashley Cole

A friend said Ashley, who is currently in Austria preparing for the World Cup, would view Cheryl's behaviour as a 'devastating blow.'

But they said Derek was likely to become more significant in the Girls Aloud star's life.

'Derek's the complete opposite to Ashley. He's very caring and supportive to Cheryl.

She's made it very clear she can't rush into another serious relationship, but he's very keen on her and is prepared to follow her around the world.'

She's opened up to him about Ashley so he knows how vulnerable she is at the moment, which makes him want to be there for her even more.

Cheryl has also been linked with Black Eyed Peas star Will-i-am, who is said to have fallen for the 26-year-old.

Split: Cheryl announced she was filing for divorce this week, four years after marrying Ashley

Kelly Brook promotes new toning trainers (oh, so THAT'S why she's in her knickers!)
By Sarah Bull

Mind the oven! Kelly Brook promotes Reebok's EasyTone trainers by posing in a black and white pair of knickers

She has never been shy about showing off her figure.

So when the opportunity arose for Kelly Brook to promote Reebok's new EasyTone trainers, she had no problem stripping to her underwear in a rather gratuitous way of showing off the toning footwear.

Whether it's cooking in a pair of black and white striped knickers and cropped T-shirt, or doing the hoovering in a yellow vest top and lime green pair, Kelly shows whatever you are doing, you can wear EasyTones while doing it.

She said: 'EasyTones are brilliant, it's like having a little gym built into your trainers. I wear them all the time especially if I don't have time to get to the gym and then at least I know I'm doing something for my body.

'They make your legs feel toned and bum feel pert, they are like magic shoes! I've been wearing them to tone up for the summer and have really seen a difference, which is why I didn't mind getting my hotpants on for the video.

'I had so much fun re-creating the advert - hula-hooping, trampolining, dancing around in my EasyTones. My dog Rocky even got a guest appearance in the last shot!'

Clean freak: Kelly makes sure her 'flat' is spotless as she does the hoovering in a skimpy underwear set

Glowing: The model looks stunning in the Reebok advert - showing off her famous figure and sparkling smile

Kelly, 30, isn't the only celebrity fan of the revolutionary new trainers - Helena Christensen, Kim Kardashian, Whitney Port, Miranda Kerr and Bar Refaeli have all spoken about how impressed they are by the fitness shoes.

Kelly, who is currently in Los Angeles with boyfriend Danny Cipriani, has always spoken freely about her weight, and says it's sometimes a struggle to maintain her slimline shape.

She said recently: 'I enjoy healthy food and it makes me feel good. But it’s definitely not a crazy diet, I’m not going to deny myself desserts.

Fashion icon: Kelly has been wearing flirty outfits during her time in Los Angeles with Danny Cipriani

'I always try to have three meals a day and don’t snack on bad stuff. I like to make soups, which are healthy, filling and don’t make you feel bloated. I also love making healthy fish or vegetarian dishes.'

Kelly is also the face and body of lingerie brand Ultimo, and has been showing off her amazing figure in a series of flirty outfits while in LA.

After wearing a tight heart-print dress earlier this week, Kelly stepped out in a flowery playsuit to make the most of the LA sun.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

KARA’s Gyuri throws opening pitch for Doosan Bears
Besides After School’s UEE, KARA’s Park Gyuri was another idol girl group member who had been invited to do an opening pitch for a baseball game on May 29th.

Gyuri was invited to pitch for the Doosan Bears in their game against the Samsung Lions at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium this afternoon.

And after Seungyeon and Jiyoung, Nicole and Goo Hara, Park Gyuri is the final member to do the opening pitch and helping KARA in becoming the first girl group whose members have all participated in this special event.

Check out how well she does below!


Dream Concert 2010 performances
The epic extravaganza Dream Concert 2010 took place on May 22nd at World Cup Stadium in Seoul and it has finally been aired to the public on May 30th.

Despite a light drizzle on the day, all the artists put on a great show with the help of MCs Heechul, Shin Se Kyung and Taecyeon.

40,000 fans were in attendance for the show with representatives from various fan clubs. The performers included 2PM, SS501, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, KARA, SNSD, CNBlue, MBLAQ, BEAST, ZE:A, f(x), SHINee, T-ara, Rain, Lee Hyori, After School, F.cuz, Rainbow, Davichi, U-Kiss and 4minute.

The artists pleased fans with performances of their newest singles along with old favorites. The ladies dominated the concert this year with highlights including awesome stages by 4minute, KARA and Wonder Girls. Overall a great show to be remembered by all in attendance. Let’s look forward to Dream Concert 2011!

The regular broadcast of Inkigayo today was pre-empted for this and due to time constraints, there will be cuts here and there unfortunately.

Rain and SS501’s performances were not aired at all upon request by their respective companies, J.Tune Entertainment and DSP Media.

Everyone – Oh! Pilseung Korea


Tom Cruise reprises Tropic Thunder alter ego to lampoon Robert Pattinson in new MTV spoof

By Daily Mail Reporter

In disguise: Tom Cruise reprised his Tropic Thunder alter ego, Les Grossman, in a new promotional video for MTV Movie Awards

Heartthrob Robert Pattinson recently admitted he rarely washes his hair, and it has proved good fodder for a new promotional clip for the MTV Movie Awards.
The Twilight star teamed up with Tom Cruise for a spoof video ahead of the June ceremony.

Cruise stars in the clip as his Tropic Thunder alter ego, Les Grossman, complete with bald head and bulging tummy.

Scroll down for more...

Dirty work: Cruise encourages Pattinson to keep his 'filthy hair' just as it is

As the foul-mouthed movie mogul, Cruise issues some rather colourful advice to Pattinson, who begins the clip by discussing his plans to overhaul his scruffy look for the awards.

Pattinson says: 'I'm thinking about cleaning up a little bit, maybe get a suit, have a shave, maybe wash my hair.'

In full Grossman mode, Cruise tells the star he'll arrange a hairdresser to give him a blow wave, before adding: 'And then I'll give you the number of a good plumber because you've just flushed your f****** career down the toilet!

'Mega mogul': Cruise performs a little dance as he gets into Grossman mode

'You're filthy hair made you a star! Your filthy hair made me hundreds of millions of dollars and sent my fat-a**** kid to space camp four times!'

He continues: 'So what kind of shampoo are you going to use?'

To which Pattinson replies: 'Dirt?'

The pair then hug as Cruise shouts: 'That's my dirty dog!'

Cut! A separate video shows Les Grossman directing Tom's famous Risky Business scene

A little bit cheeky: Grossman gets to grips with the scene

In a separate video, Cruise is shown filming his famous dance scene in Risky Business, but this time with Grossman from directing.

Hosted by Aziz Ansari, the MTV Movie Awards will be broadcast live from the Gibson Amphitheatre.

Guests will include Sandra Bullock, Adam Sandler, Taylor Lautner, Chris Rock, Steve Carell and Cameron Diaz.

MTV Movie Awards takes place on Sunday, June 6 on MTV.

My oh Miley! Disney star struts around on stage in a VERY racy costume
By Daily Mail Reporter

Miley, how you've grown! Miss Cyrus performed at the Rock in Rio music festival in Portugal today

Miley Cyrus is desperate to shed her wholesome Disney image - and she's certainly going about it the right way.

The Hannah Montana actress took to the stage at the Rock in Rio music festival in Lisbon, Portugal, today in a very daring outfit.

The 17-year-old put on a series of raunchy moves as she strutted around in a corset-style costume.

She topped off the revealling outfit with a studded leather jacket and towering peep-toe shoe boots.

All grown up: The teen strutted around in a raunchy costume

The star is promoting her new single, Can't Be Tamed, and is clearly eager to keep up with the likes of sexy pop stars including Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Britney Spears.

It comes just weeks after a video of her 'dirty dancing' with 45-year-old film producer Adam Shankman surfaced on the internet.

The clip, which was filmed when Miley was just 16, was originally posted by celebrity website before hitting YouTube. But it has now been removed.

Keeping up with the pop stars: The singer appears to be mimicking the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna

However, it didn't worry her father, singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who spent last week in Mexico with Miley and the rest of his family.

He said Miley was merely 'having fun' and 'doing what people her age do'.

Meanwhile, Miley has decided that she plans to put her education on hold while she focuses on acting and singing.

She said: 'I am a firm believer that you can go back at any age you want, because my grandma went back to college at 62 years old.'

New sound: The Disney star is promoting her new single, Can't Be Tamed

Britain's Got Talent: Tears, tantrums and heartbreak as final round of auditions ends in style
By Mail Online Showbiz Reporter

Emotional: Dance group A3 were tearful after performing but the trio went sailing through to the semi-final

The final round of auditions for Britain's Got Talent were as bizarre as ever tonight with a miming pig, a pole dancer and a Madonna drag act all performing for judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan.

There were tantrums and tears, but the most emotional moment of the night came when brothers Amukheani, Arnold and Anthony, otherwise known as A3, broke down after their performance.

'It just means so much and we've practised so hard as a family. It's all we want to do.' said Arnold.

Band of brothers: The trio from Swansea wowed the judges with their talent and commitment

The sensitive trio, from Swansea, even brought a tear to the eye of host Ant McPartlin, who was watching from backstage.

'He's got me going now,' he said. But the judges were full of praise for the youngsters who danced to Prodigy hit Firestarter, before switching to a Michael Jackson medley.

'I like the fact that you’re three brothers and you worked really hard to be here,' said Piers.

And while Simon told the boys that their routine 'ran out of steam' towards the end, he said he was impressed by them.

'Exceptionally talented, love your enthusiasm, love your commitment and love the fact that you're brothers as well.'

Unimpressed: Judges Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell look on in horror as AliBaba perform

Time of their life? AliBaba perform a move from Dirty Dancing, but the Turk almost drops his partner

The most bizarre performance came at the start of the show when a woman named Christine brought her pet pig to mime to the Michael Jackson hit Beat It.

‘I didn’t believe you when you said he was going to mime to the record,’ remarked Simon.

‘Does he do other songs? I don’t think it was quite the Michael Jackson tribute everyone was expecting,’ he added before putting them through to the next round.

Meanwhile pole dancer Alesia Vazmitel impressed the judges with her flexibility.

‘That was mesmerising,’ said Piers while Simon quipped, ‘I’ve never seen anyone do that with a pole before.’

Dance group Peridot had the audience on their feet with an energetic routine.

Splash of colour: Dance Flavourz were put through to the next round, even though Simon said he didn't know what to do with them

Crowd pleasers: Dance group Peridot had the audience up in the seats, but Simon told them they had a long way to go

However Simon warned the boys that there were stronger dance acts in the competition and told them they’d have to work twice as hard if they were to make it through.

Next up were Ali Baba, a double act consisting of friends Memit and Kelsey, whose strange dance routine which included steps from Michael Jackson and Dirty Dancing, fell flat with the judges.

Memit stunned the crowd when he walked off stage after hearing two buzzers go off, but was convinced to return by hosts Ant and Dec.

‘It just seemed desperate,’ remarked Amanda before sending them home.

Meanwhile ventriloquist Stephen Florence launched an attack on the audience after they booed him during his routine with dummy Wellington.

'I could do some decent ventriloquism if you’d all shut up! You are rude people,’ he ranted before being asked to leave the stage.

Bewitched: Dance troupe with a twist: Fusion performed dressed as witches

On for a song: Father and son act Graham and James

Dance Flavourz, a troupe made up of 11 women and one man, performed for the judges next.

'That was really, really special and you are utterly compelling to watch,' Piers told them.

However Simon was less enthusiastic. 'If I'm being honest this is total, utter madness. I don't know what to do with you,' he said.

Dance troupe with a twist, Fusion performed dressed as witches and divided the judges.

'The costumes were very inventive,'said Piers. 'The choreography was fantastic. It was really quite sinister, you are a scary bunch.

Poledancer Alesia impressed the judges with her flexibility

Stars of the future? Eyebrow raising act Nathan (left) and Madonna tribute Phillip Grimmer

Singer Kev Orkian performed Elton John's I'm Still Standing - the scratched CD version - to the amazement of the judges.

Madonna tribute act Phillip Grimmer returned to the show two years after performing as Kylie Minogue.

'You have definitely improved,' Piers told him. But Simon disagreed.

'The problem was the dancing,' he said. 'The dancing was horrific.'

However Amanda said she enjoyed his performance. 'People underestimate just how much courage it takes for people to stand on that stage... I'm going to say yes.' she said.


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