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Sunday, February 28, 2010

4minute performs on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate
The five girls of 4minute are back in Korea after taking a tour of Asia to promote their mini album For Muzik.

Appearing on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate, the girls got to showcase their individual talents.

With performances ranging from Rihanna to Yangpa, the girls impressed Kim Jung Eun and the audience.

They also gave a slew of introductions in the various languages of the countries they visited. The tour included countries such as Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan.

4minute’s HyunA also performed her single Change without BEAST’s Junhyung, but had a backup dancer fill in instead.

Check out the show below:


T-ara is hurt and crazy on SBS Inkigayo!
Even though they only debuted last July, T-ara’s made quite the impression on Korean music listeners everywhere. After their feminine image from Lies, an adorable (and distinctive) image with Bo Peep Bo Peep, these young ladies have undoubtedly redefined “hot” with their repackaged album, I Go Crazy Because of You.

This week, T-ara’s taken it up a notch with their oh-so-sexy performances on M! Countdown, Music Bank and Music Core, but to wrap up their comeback week on Inkigayo, they also gave us a special performance of I’m Really Hurt, an addictive mid-tempo ballad.

With their all white suits and hats, T-ara proved that they could look sexy with a boyish look as well. Unfortunately, the performance of I’m Really Hurt was all too short. From what we could tell though, the choreography’s looking pretty catchy with that addictive tie-tugging move!

For tonight’s performance of I Go Crazy Because of You, T-ara wore black & pink outfits similar to those from Music Core but with a vibrant line pattern on the black parts. Although not as seizure-inducing (and I say that lovingly) as their flashy music video, the stage is filled with hot pink, orange & purple lights and sparkly background tile-things, giving the performance a very modern feel.

You’ve gotta love Jiyeon’s seeexy sneer at 0:16!


HyunA says goodbye to Change on Inkigayo
It’s that time again. Fans get pumped up and excited when idols start promotions, but all good things must eventually come to an end. This time we say goodbye to HyunA and her Change on Inkigayo.

HyunA made her successful debut with group 4minute last year and have since been kicking butt and taking names. Since her solo debut last month, she gave us a good new way to kick start the new year and gave us change we can believe in. She puts on one final flamin’ hot performance so enjoy!


Kara’s final comeback stage on Inkigayo
After three days of nonstop awesome, girl group Kara concludes their successful series of comeback stage performances on today’s Inkigayo!

Although the sharp and incredibly polished performances for Lupin will continue for the remainder of their promotional period, performances for their song Umbrella end today. So say “bye bye” to the cute rain boots, trench coat hoodies and belly rub dancing for now and continue to hallo-back with the ladies of Kara! Is it just me or do their stage performances just get better and better? It’s evident how hard these girls have worked to make their comebacks as polished as possible and they are being well rewarded by the roars of fanchants from the crowd!

Prepare to shield your ears from the hearty chants of kamilia when you check out Kara’s performances below!


SNSD secures Inkigayo Mutizen triple crown with Oh!
One, two and number three!

Having made their comeback with Oh! in late January, it took the 9 girls of SNSD just one month to claim the triple crown on Inkigayo and maintaining their position as the top charting/selling girl group in Korea at the moment.

The girls had been up against 2AM’s Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die, CNBLUE’s I’m A Loner, U-Kiss’s Bingeul Bingeul, Kim Jong Kook’s This is the Person, Min Kyung Hoon’s It Hurts Because It’s Love and 4men’s I Can’t for Take 7 this week but they eventually prevailed against all the other singers.

The girls weren’t around on Inkigayo this afternoon though to receive their trophy as they were preparing for their encore concert, scheduled at almost the same time.

With SNSD maxing out their quota of wins, a new winner will be crowned next week. Who will it be? Stay tuned to allkpop same time next week to find out.

Fans split over Taecyeon and Wooyoung’s smiling faces on Inkigayo
This was coming frankly.

Coming soon after all the controversy revolving around Jaebeom’s contract termination and the ensuing drama, 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung made their first public appearance on February 28th, hosting Inkigayo with f(x)’s Sulli.

All eyes were on them this afternoon and the duo did not appear too perturbed by events that has happened in the last 72 hours as they hosted the show with their usual bubbly selves, especially during interviews with Heechul, T-ara and Kara.

Straight after the show though, two camps of opinions surfaced on the bulletin boards of the Inkigayo website, over Taecyeon and Wooyoung’s appearance.

Some felt uncomfortable watching them hosting like nothing has happened at all and were behaving like normal. Others felt disappointed and said that they felt betrayed and sad over their actions. Those who were for them said that they can’t be looking sad for a live broadcast and some expressed that life must go on.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

HyunA says goodbye with Change on Music Core
HyunA was back on Music Core on the afternoon of February 27th as she performed her hit single, Change.

It may have been some time since the single was released but with HyunA globetrotting all over the place for promotions with her 4minute members, it was nice to see her back on stage for some change. But unfortunately for everyone, this is her goodbye stage

Her 4minute members were not sitting idly as they were performing during the half-time show for the K-League opener between Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i and Gyeongnam FC at the Ulsan World Cup Stadium.

Her 4minute members were not sitting idly as they were performing during the half-time show for the K-League opener between Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i and Gyeongnam FC at the Ulsan World Cup Stadium.


SNSD gives us a glimpse of concert stage on Music Core
There was a surprise on the February 27th episode of Music Core as SNSD revealed their encore concert stage.

The girls will be having their encore concerts this weekend at the Seoul Olympic Park’s Fencing Stadium and a sneak preview was offered this afternoon and explains why the stage was much bigger than what we are used to seeing on Music Core.

Their encore concerts will be their first major concert after their comeback with Oh! and thus new songs from their new album will also be performed on stage.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Preview of 'Grey's Anatomy' 6.16: Derek's Bad Day
In 'Perfect Little Accident', Derek finds Sloan banging someone in the closet room, gets inside a conflict with a co-worker and watches as his staff mess up.

A series of mishaps, especially surrounding Derek is the theme of "Grey's Anatomy" episode next week. First he sees what he's not supposed to see, then he gets into tension with Richard, before witnessing his staff fighting with each other and again, accidentally seeing what he's not supposed to see.

When famous surgeon Dr. Harper Avery is rushed to Seattle Grace-Mercy West, the staff is surprised to discover that one of their own is related to this legend, and his unorthodox request for his surgery causes tensions between Derek and Richard. Meanwhile Callie and Arizona try to help Teddy and Sloan move on from their pasts and find greener pastures.

After a week of break, "Grey's Anatomy" is back with "Perfect Little Accident" on March 4.

Wonderfuls give Sunmi love & support with balloon message project
Amidst all of the JYPE-related gloom & doom that has been emerging as of late, our friends at WG Spectacle Forums recently held an international project to send the Wonder Girls‘ member Sunmi a message before her upcoming departure to Korea. Wonderfuls from all over the world banded together to complete a positive, united message to the beloved 4D with balloons, photos, notes and a video collage that captured the entire experience.

After Sunmi’s last performance at POP-CON last week, Wonderfuls at WG Spec gathered over five hundred messages and tied them to 150 purple hearts, then placed them in front JYPE’s New York City office to show their support.

“To us you will always be a part of WG!” one fan from Brazil wrote in her note. “We will support your decision no matter what. What matters is that you are happy. We’ll always love you!” Another fan from Thailand said, “Even though I don’t want you to leave, I respect your decision. I hope you will be happy with your decision & studies.” Others promised to save the world with Sunmi in the future together, and others reminded her to keep smiling and stay happy with her decision.

Notes were written in English & Korean by fans both in Korea and places all over the world, including the States, Spain, Peru, the UK, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Hungary and more. One amazing Wonderful even flew in from Japan for this event.

150 balloons, 500+ worldwide messages, and one beloved 4D. Sunmi, we’re going to miss you – have a safe trip to Korea and make sure to make the most of your studies!

Thanks to Matt for providing the information & media.


New Dubai Mall evacuated after cracks appear in giant aquarium
Leak: A torrent of water gushes out of the giant Dubai Mall aquarium after a crack opens up in the glass

Part of the vast Dubai Mall has been evacuated after its giant aquarium developed a leak, a police official said today.

The aquarium, one of the largest tanks in the world at 167ft by 66ft, has hundreds of living animals including Sand Tiger sharks and rays.

It is thought to have developed a crack and a witness said people in part of the mall were evacuated and dozens of emergency vehicles were outside.

The police official, who declined to be identified, said: 'There was a small problem, a simple crack, and the water leaked.'

Six divers entered the tank and appeared to be coordinating with workers outside the glass, while workers mopped up water from the floor.

Emaar's chairman Mohammed Alabbar denied there was a leak in the aquarium, saying there was a 'technical fault in the operating device,' according to a statement carried on the country's official news agency WAM.

Emergency crews are seen arriving at Dubai Mall following the incident

Security personnel inside the mall after it was evacuated when water started gushing out of the aquarium

But a witness said water had been leaking from a crack in the aquarium glass.

'I saw a small crack in the aquarium glass and there was a little water coming out and a lot of water on the floor,' said Ranjin, a 27-year old corporate secretary.

'The police came and evacuated the area around the aquarium.'

Dubai Aquarium is planning to have more than 33,000 animals representing more than 85 species in the giant tank.

It also features an underwater zoo which has penguins, seals, crocodiles and water rats among its attractions.

It is operated by Emaar Properties and also features the world's largest acrylic viewing panel.
One million people had already visited the aquarium seven months after it had opened.

Visitors view the huge aquarium in Dubai Mall (file photo)

This is the latest in a string of problems for the aquarium.

Shortly before its opening in October 2008, over ten per cent of the sharks in the tank were been killed in attacks that marred the build-up to its unveiling.

Sand Tiger sharks killed at least 40 smaller reef sharks and were aggressive towards divers working on final preparations in the giant tank.

Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping mall by total area, contains around 600 retailers and had over 37 million visitors in its first year of operation.

It now has an average of 750,000 visitors every week. As well as shops and restaurants, the Mall also contains an ice rink and cinema.

Emaar Properties, the Arab world's largest developer, came under scrutiny earlier this month when it closed the observation deck at Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower and the firm's flagship project, just a month after its fanfare opening.

Thursday, February 25, 2010
By Claire Bates

The world's first factory making space-age JET PACKS is going into production. It can travel at 60MPH for 30 miles

It is the perfect way for city high-fliers to miss the morning rush hour. A company is set to produce the first commercial JETPACKS - and one could be yours for just £50,000.

The traffic jam-beating packs will be manufactured after a multi-million pound deal was signed with an international aircraft company this week.

Martin Aircraft Company, in Christchurch, New Zealand, aims to make 500 packs a year allowing first-person propulsion through the skies for commuters.

The 200 horsepower dual-propeller packs can travel at 60mph for up to 30miles on a full tank of fuel. They have been reached heights of 7,800ft in tests.

At 250lbs when empty, the jet pack is not heavy enough to require a pilot's licence, although users will take part in a Martin Jetpack training programme.
However, the gadget is not environmentally friendly burning 10 gallons of fuel per hour - five times as much as the average car.

The 5ft by 5.5ft device is the brainchild of Kiwi inventor Glenn Martin who unveiled his machine for the first time in July last year.

While jetpacks are traditionally powered by jets of escaping gases, the new device uses a gas engine with two ducted fans to provide lift.

Pitch and roll are controlled by one hand, yaw and the throttle by the other.
Martin Aircraft Company chief executive Richard Lauder said the pack could be perfect for the emergency services, private users and even the military.

You won't need a pilot's licence to fly with this jetpack

Mr Lauder said: 'This could be life-saving stuff. For us this is an excellent commercial step.'

The device has safety features to combat the inherent dangers of flying through the air. It has both an internal roll cage to protect the pilot from side impact and a a ballistic parachute system that works at low altitudes.

Jetpacks first emerged in science fiction in the 1920s and were tested by the U.S military by the 1960s, but have never 'taken-off' commercially.

Astronauts on the International Space Station wear rocket packs during space walks called a 'Safer.' This can be used in emergencies should they become detached from the station.

Woman trainer dies after attack from 12,000lb 'serial' killer whale at SeaWorld
By David Gardner

SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau, pictured above and below with one of her animals, was dragged to her death by a killer whale at the adventure park

A woman trainer was dragged underwater and drowned by a six-ton 'serial' killer whale in front of horrified spectators at SeaWorld in Florida yesterday.

Dawn Brancheau, 40, was grabbed by the waist and shaken violently by the rogue whale at the Orlando theme park, which attracts tens of thousands of British visitors each year.

The whale, Tillikum, was still being allowed to perform at the park up until yesterday's tragedy despite being responsible for the deaths of two other people in attacks.

The attack happened at lunchtime yesterday when about 50 tourists stayed behind after the 'Believe' show to watch trainers feed the orcas.

There were conflicting reports over how Mrs Brancheau, who had worked for 14 years with killer whales as was one of SeaWorld's most experienced trainers, was killed.

Police said she 'apparently slipped or fell' into the whales' tank, but eye-witnesses described a much more horrific scene.

Park guest Victoria Biniak said she was watching as the trainers talked about the show to a crowd of people when one of them was suddenly swept away in the whale's mouth.

The whale 'took off really fast in the tank and then he came back around to the glass, shot up in the air, grabbed the trainer by the waist and started shaking her violently, and one of her shoes flew off,' she said.

Dawn Brancheau's body lies covered under a canopy, circled below, as an unidentified orca, possibly her killer Tillikum, swims segregated in a pool beside her at SeaWorld

She said Mrs Brancheau was talking about Tillikum, one of the stars of the Shamu show.

'We walked down and there was a lot of people there. There was a trainer standing by the window talking about the whale. People were asking questions like how much does he weigh and things like that,' she said.

'Then the whale floated upside down and the trainer said he wanted a belly rub. He really likes that. Then Tillikum just took off like a bat out of you know where.'

Gary Biniak said Tillikum, a male orca weighing over 12,000lbs, 'literally charged one of the trainers who was on the side of the pool training and feeding the whales'.

Dawn Brancheau was filmed feeding the killer whales just moments before she was attacked and killed

A killer whale approaches Dawn Brancheau, seconds later she was dragged underneath the water

He said: 'The whale pulled the trainer into the water and was thrashing around. He dragged her underneath the water and wouldn't let her come up. It was terrible.

'Generally, they don't allow any of the trainers to swim with this particular whale because he is so large and has a different temperament.'

'This particular trainer didn't jump into the water, she was taken forcibly,' he added.

Dan Brown, the park's manager, fought back tears as he said the trainer, who had been inspired by a trip to SeaWorld when she was nine years old, 'drowned in an incident with one of our killer whales'.

He wouldn't comment on what is likely to happen to the killer whale.

Tillikum, the largest killer whale in captivity, had a history of attacks on humans before this latest tragic incident

Dawn Brancheau swimming with a killer whale called Nalani in March 2009

Mrs Brancheau's older sister, Diane Gross, said the trainer - who was married but did not have any children - would not want anything to happen to the killer whale because she loved the animals 'like children'.

She said: 'She loved the whales like her children, she loved all of them. They all had personalities, good days and bad days.'

She added that the family was viewing Mrs Brancheau's death as an unfortunate action.

In an interview, Mrs Brancheau acknowledged the risks of the job, saying: 'You can't put yourself in the water unless you trust them and they trust you.'

'I remember walking down the aisle [of Shamu Stadium] and telling my mom, "this is what I want to do",' she told the Orlando Sentinel in 2006.

An Orlando police spokesman claimed last night that Mrs Brancheau tumbled accidentally into the whale holding tank and died.

'There is no sense of foul play right now. This appears to be an accident,' he said.

Dan Brown, general manager of SeaWorld Adventure Park, centre, walks with Kelly Flaherty Clark, left, curator of animal training at SeaWorld, before holding a news conference yesterday after the death of Dawn Brancheau

It is not the first time Tillikum has been involved in an attack. Nicknamed 'Tilly', he was blamed for the drowning of one of his trainers in 1991 when he was at Sealand in British Columbia.

Sold to SeaWorld as a stud in 1992, the whale was also involved in an incident when a homeless man's dead body was found across his back in 1999.

The man is thought to have drowned in the stadium's icy water, but investigators said it appeared that the whale had bitten him and tore off his swimming trunks thinking he was a play toy.

Because of his size and the previous deaths, trainers were not supposed to get into the water with Tilikum, and only 12 of the park's 29 trainers worked with him.

Mrs Brancheau had more experience with the 30-year-old whale than most, and was one of the park's most experienced trainers overall.

Steve McCulloch, founder and program manager at the Marine Mammal Research and Conservation Program at Harbor Branch/Florida Atlantic University, said the whale may have been playing, but it is too early to tell.

'I wouldn't jump to conclusions,' he said.

'These are very large powerful marine mammals. They exhibit this type of behavior in the wild.'

'Animal lover': Dawn Brancheau, who was inspired to become an animal trainer at SeaWorld after a visit when she was just nine, poses with her pet dog

Wild killer whales are not generally seen as a threat to humans, however captive killer whales have been known to attack their handlers at theme parks.

Since the 1970s, killer whales have attacked just two dozen people worldwide.

But critics claim the animals can become aggressive when kept captive due to higher levels of stress and unnatural living conditions.

Officials at PETA called on the park 'to stop confining ocean-going mammals to an area that to them is like the size of a bathtub'

A spokesman said: 'It's not surprising when these huge, smart animals lash out.'

In November 2006, a 7,000lb killer whale dragged its handler Ken Peters underwater twice at the SeaWorld theme park in Florida during a routine trick.

After the attack, the whale, Katsatka, circled her tank as Ken Peters was treated by paramedics and whisked away on a stretcher. He was not seriously injured in the attack.

One onlooker said at the time: 'We realised she had the trainer by the foot and she took him under and submerged for a minute.'

The same killer whale also tried to drown Mr Peters during a 1999 show, again grabbing him by the foot and dragging him in circles.

Jim Atchison, President and Chief Executive Officer, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, said: 'It is with great sadness that I report that one of our most experienced animal
trainers drowned in an incident with one of our killer whales at our SeaWorld Orlando park.

'We have initiated an investigation to determine, to the extent possible, what occurred. There are no other details to share at this point, but we will make our findings known in due course.

'I must emphasize that this is an extraordinarily difficult time for the SeaWorld parks, and our team members. Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees, guests and the
animals entrusted to our care.

'All of our standard operating procedures will come under review as part of the investigation. We extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the trainer
and will do everything possible to assist them in this difficult time.

'We appreciate everyone’s understanding and will share more information as it becomes known and available.'

'SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld San Diego are open today as scheduled (SeaWorld San Antonio is not yet open for the season). But Believe shows and Dine with Shamu experiences at all SeaWorld locations have been suspended for the time being. We will update you on this as soon as we have more information.'

Where in the World are the Wonder Girls? #6
It’s been quite a while since the Wonder Girls have come out with a video in their Youtube series Where in the World are the Wonder Girls. In fact, their last video was released after their appearance on America’s hit show, So You Think You Can Dance back in December. Well, it looks like they’re back with a new video in the series, making this video (technically) numero 7! [They've replaced the previous #6 video with this one due to copyright claims.]

Last week, we reported that the Wonder Girls were spotted with celebrities at NYC’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Now we can go behind the scenes with the Wonder Girls on their adventures into the nation’s top fashion shows! Check it out!

In the video, the girls visited Tory Burch, Emu, Milly and Anna Sui for the fashion fiesta; although the girls did look a bit tired, they sure did look excited! But who wouldn’t be? This is every fashion fanatics’ dream come true!

Despite Sunmi’s withdrawal from the group, the girls did maintain a cheerful ambiance. Let’s just hope that this isn’t Sunmi’s last Wonder Girls appearance, and best of luck to the new Wonder Girls member Hae Lim!

T-ara’s “I Go Crazy Because of You” MV revealed!
The T-ara ladies are getting their sexy on for their anticipated comeback with I Go Crazy Because of You. After getting things heated up with the release of their saucy concept photos and MV teaser, the group continues to take things to a different level each and every time.

The MV for their comeback track reveals a very sexy T-ara and man, are we lovin’ it! Cute cat paws have been tossed aside and the girls are taking on a sexy new wardrobe consisting of hot school girl outfits and seductive leather numbers. The outfits and concept definitely compliment the sassy feel of their comeback song. Check out the hotness below!

With all these sexy girl groups strutting their stuff on stage, can T-ara manage to set themselves apart? They faced some major success earlier this year with their addictive track Bo Peep Bo Peep, but can their latest project take them to number


Introducing rookie singer, ANNE
Amidst the big names in the industry, female rookie singer, ANNE makes her debut on the 25th with the release of her digital single album, Go Back To Her.

The song was created by producer, 24K whose lyrics convey the fickle-minded feelings that a woman has when she falls in love with a man.

ANNE expressed, “I am a little nervous because I am just a rookie. But I hope that everyone will like my song.”

ANNE actually debuted as a fashion model two years ago and has been undergoing training for the past 3 years before finally releasing her digital single album.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teenager banned from keeping pets for 10 years after attack on blind woman's guide dog
Out of control: CCTV image of the pitbull-type terrier attacking the well-trained guide dog lab Neela

A teenager has been banned from keeping animals for 10 years after his pit bull terrier-type pet savaged a blind woman's guide dog.

Chocolate-brown lab Neela was badly wounded in the attack when John-Jo Madden's dog went berserk in an underpass at a railway station.

She was pinned to the ground in a three-minute mauling by the unleashed animal and needed emergency treatment for deep puncture wounds to her neck. She showed no aggression at all in the attack and has since fully recovered

Rather than pull it away, Madden was seen on CCTV punching and kicking his animal in a futile attempt to end the attack. At one point he even ran off before eventually managing to drag his dog away.

Madden, 18, was traced when investigators released CCTV images of him drinking from a can of beer and loitering near the scene of the attack at Cricklewood railway station, north London.

Guilty: John-Jo Madden outside court where he was banned from keeping dogs after the attack on chocolate-brown lab Neela, who is now fully recovered

He got a three-month suspended sentence at Hendon Magistrates' Court, in north London. He was also ordered to do 150 hours community service and pay £1,200 compensation to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association plus £500 to the owner.

The 57-year-old blind woman, who was left deeply shocked by the attack last October and doesn't want to be named, said: 'To be unable to see the assault was horrific and terrifying.

'What was to become of Neela, my faithful sighted guide and what of myself and my independence? In seconds both were being snapped away from me.

'She was being attacked and suffering tremendous pain and not knowing why. I felt tremendous guilt that Neela would associate the onslaught with me. It was a period of total isolation and fear.'

As vicious as his pet: Madden tries to stop his dog attacking by kicking him

Lucky to be alive: Neela limps away after her terrible mauling

Detective Constable Gerry Griffin, of British Transport Police, said: 'This was a very sad case that shocked dog lovers across the country.

'I'm pleased to say that Neela, who displayed no aggression whatsoever during the attack, has fully recovered and is now back to work at her owner's side.

'I would like to thank the public for all of the information that was provided after the appeal, while Neela's owner wishes to thank everyone who has sent messages of support during what has been a very distressing time for her.'

DC Griffin said the case sends a strong message about the responsibilities of dog ownership.

'The incident clearly illustrates the importance of making sure that dogs are under the control of their owners at all times particularly in public places such as railway stations,' he said.

Madden, of Gospel Oak, north London, admitted one offence of possessing a dangerous dog in a public place under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The dog involved has not been found after Madden gave it away. Magistrates issued an order for its destruction.

Chris Dyson, of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, said: 'We appeal to all pet dog owners: if you think there is any chance that your dog will be aggressive towards other dogs, or humans, please keep it on a lead, and muzzled if necessary.'

IU lends a hand for T.O.P. and Seungri’s film, Nineteen
Hailed as 15-year-old diva of K-pop, IU released her single, Fifth Finger, on the 24th. The track is the original soundtrack of Korean-Japanese telecinema project film Nineteen (19), starring T.O.P. and Seungri of Big Bang. It has been used in the movie to raise the romantic ambiance between the characters.

Besides IU, other talented vocalists like Gummy, Lee Suk Hoon of SG Wannabe, and Changmin of 2AM have participated in the project entitled TELECINEMA7 as well.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Did Goo Hara gain weight?
Does the so-called ‘ant waist’ Goo Hara have stomach fat too?

Goo Hara’s rather cute stomach is stirring up the internet. The netizens have managed to find something that looks like stomach fat on the 20-inch waist of Goo Hara!

In the music video of their latest song, Lupin, there is a scene where Goo Hara is sitting down on a chair. Of course, her tiny little bulge on her stomach was unable to escape the critical eyes of netizens. The tight-fitting pants and her sitting position pushed up whatever “fat” she had, and created the small bulge… You call that fat? I think it’s just skin.

Netizens are saying, “That’s cute,” “Even Goo Hara has stomach fat. I have self-confidence now,” “The perfect looking Goo Hara feels a lot closer now,” “She wouldn’t be human if she didn’t even have that.”

Honestly, that doesn’t look like fat to me, but if it will boost your self-confidence, then let’s call it such!

Monday, February 22, 2010

T-ara’s “I Go Crazy Because of You” MV teaser released!
It seems as though everyone is taking a 180 in concepts this year, but girl group T-ara is definitely taking it up a notch. The group had much success with their hits Bo Peep Bo Peep and Like the First Time earlier this year and now they’re returning with a repackaged album.

After seducing fans with their latest concept photos last week, the girls just keep their momentum going by releasing their heavily anticipated MV teaser for their comeback track I Go Crazy Because of You. Check it out!


'The Last Airbender' Unleashes New TV Spot
The snippet comprises action scenes from the action sci-fi and shares never-before-seen footage in the middle of the video.

Another sneak peek to "The Last Airbender" has been provided by Paramount Pictures, which has released a new TV spot for the film. Aired during 2010 Winter Olympics on Saturday, February 20, the video exposes the visual effects while featuring many action scenes. A glimpse of fresh footage can be seen in the middle of the snippet, during which Noah Ringer's Aang shows off one of his skills.

"The Last Airbender" is a live-action film version of Nickelodeon's animated series of the same name. The film follows Aang and is set in a world where human civilization is divided into four nations: Water, Earth, Air and Fire. Teaming up with Waterbender named Katara and her brother Sokka, Aang proceeds on a perilous journey to restore balance to their war-torn world.

Joining Noah Ringer in the cast ensemble are Jackson Rathbone and Nicola Peltz who play Sokka and Katara respectively. Meanwhile, villainous prince Zuko is portrayed by Dev Patel. M. Night Shyamalan serves behind the lens and writes the script for this action sci-fi, which will come in U.S. theaters on July 2.

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